Nov. 4 Election Day

The countdown is on for the final days before the election.  Now is the time to talk to your neighbors and tell them why they need to vote the Democratic ticket.  You also need to emphasize the importance of the Supreme Court race.  There are three openings and you need to vote for Thomas, Murphy, and Bernstein, because the lame duck session of our state legislators wants to change the way Michigan’s electoral votes are cast.  They can change the law to match the redistricting so that the popular vote would not matter.  If that happens, it will be challenged in the courts so we need Thomas, Murphy and Bernstein to support our democratic way.

Antrim Dems endorse the following candidates:

Gary Peters – U.S. Senate

Jerry Cannon – U.S. 1st Congresssional District

Mark Schauer – Governor

Lisa Brown — Lt. Governor

Mark Totten – Attorney General

Godfrey Dillard — Secretary of State

Dr. Phil Bellfy – 37th Senate District

Jay Calo – 105th House District

Deborah Thomas – State Supreme Court (partial term)*

Richard Bernstein—State Supreme Court*

William Murphy—State Supreme Court*

*Nonpartisan portion of the ballot